xarray-custom documentation

Date: Aug 04, 2020 Version: 0.6.2

xarray-custom is a third-party Python package which helps to create custom DataArray classes in the same manner as the Python’s native dataclass. Here is an introduction code of what the package provides:

from xarray_custom import coord, dataarrayclass

class Image:
    """DataArray class to represent images."""

    dims = 'x', 'y'
    dtype = float
    accessor = 'img'

    x: coord('x', int) = 0
    y: coord('y', int) = 0

    def normalize(self):
        return self / self.max()

The key features are:

# create a custom DataArray
image = Image([[0, 1], [2, 3]], x=[0, 1], y=[0, 1])

# use a custom method via an accessor
normalized = image.img.normalize()

# create a custom DataArray filled with ones
ones = Image.ones((2, 2), x=[0, 1], y=[0, 1])
  • Custom DataArray instances with fixed dimensions, datatype, and coordinates can easily be created.

  • NumPy-like special functions like ones() are provided as class methods.

  • Custom DataArray methods can be available via a custom accessor.